12 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

As a self-proclaimed shopping addict, sometimes I definitely need a way to rid myself of some unnecessary clutter. Because of this little shopping habit and the fact that I am constantly hunting for a deal, I sometimes bring home items that I don’t end up wearing all that much. What’s more, they end up hanging in my closet for weeks on end (maybe months, maybe years!!!) and never being touched. Sound familiar at all? I also sometimes buy things that don’t fit quite right for whatever reason in hopes that maybe at some point it will… Does this sound familiar as well? If so, you’re in luck. A while back, I was living out in Austin, TX and if I’m being honest, could really use some extra cash. That’s when I stumbled across Poshmark. I instantly downloaded the app, made an account, and opened my “closet” as Poshmark likes to call your little online shop. I was pretty lazy at first… only listing things here and there, but I did know a bit about taking decent photos, flat lays, brands, and pricing from years of working in retail which helped me make my first sale several months later (yes months). I started with maybe three items listed and had pretty much forgotten about the app until I made that sale. I was so excited to make that first sale that I began listing on a regular basis. Over time, I built up a bit of a following and now consistently sell items and make a bit of extra cash. Buckle in because it’s going to be a long one, but if you’re interesting in learning how, just keep reading below!

1. You Get What you Put Into It

Man, I wish I would have known this starting out! Poshmark is just like any other social media app in the fact that however much effort you put into it, is how much you’ll get back. You can be lazy like me and start growing your closet slowly over time, but if you’re interested in making sales quickly, you’ll need to put plenty of effort into taking good photos, listing quality items, writing great descriptions, building your following, and getting awesome reviews! We’ll talk about these in detail later, but as a general rule, putting in extra effort will get you far better results.

2. Sharing Items is Key

Sharing items from each other’s closets is quite important on Poshmark as it helps you get visibility to other peoples items and them to yours. So if you’re just starting out, make sure that you spend a bit of time sharing items from other people’s closets in addition to your own. Say you find a seller who has a large following and share one of their items, he or she is likely to share one of yours and put a listing from your closet in front of all of their followers. You may make a sale, gain some followers, or just begin to find a positive place for yourself in Poshmark’s very social community. Make sure you are re-sharing listings from your closet on a regular basis as well.

3. Following

Poshmark is not like other apps where it really matters how many people you follow! My advice would be to follow as many sellers as you want and don’t worry about it! I spend most of my time on Poshmark updating my closet, responding to questions, searching for specific items, and sharing. This is just another way to be a part of the community and gain more visibility!

4. Learn the Brands that Sell

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about Poshmark and maybe one of the things that can get frustrating at times, is that it definitely matters to your sales what brands and items you are selling. If you have an entire closet filled with Lululemon in awesome condition that you are willing to sell at a wonderful price, well you’ve hit the gold mine. People shopping on Poshmark are looking for a deal so anything that starts with a high price tag, that you’ll part with for way less, is going to sell quickly and earn you the most money in the end.

5. Be as Descriptive as Possible

Unless you want to get no interest or be answering questions all day, I recommend being as descriptive as possible when listing your items and naming them.  A good title will read something like this, “NWT Lululemon Razor Back Tank”. This shows the person who might click on your item that the item is new with tags and says exactly what it is. Again, if you find yourself struggling to do this off-hand, search similar listings. See what catches YOUR eye and note it. As far as descriptions go, I like to have fun with mine and use it as an opportunity to answer questions that I know I might get. You’ll learn the information that buyers want the more you list. I include things like, “It’s a size large but fits like a medium”, “labeled a large tall but fits a normal large”, “great condition”, “this season, just didn’t wear”. I try to include as much information up front to the buyer as I can, and use it as an opportunity to sort of sell the item to the buyer as well. I even sometimes include styling tips if I think it’s a harder item to sell. Just have fun with it but be as descriptive as possible.

Poshmark Item Description for Fly London Red Wedges

6. Pricing is Major

As sort of a continuation to learning the brands that sell, this is another big one to know about Poshmark. Because buyers are always looking for rock bottom deals, be honest with yourself on how much you can actually get for an item. If you’re unsure, look at other listings from the same brand. Think about how much you would pay for it personally. Poshmark charges the buyer quite a bit for shipping, and Poshmark also takes a percentage of your earnings so I factor all of this in when pricing my items out. It’s a tad tricky at first knowing that sweet spot for pricing, but like I said, if you can’t see yourself paying what you’re asking, it’s probably too high. On the opposite end of that, don’t take less than you know the item is worth for the sake of selling it.

7. List Quality Items

This means a couple of things. You want to list items that originally had a higher price tag because you’ll make the most money off of those items, but you also want to list items that are in great condition. As a personal preference and to make things easier on myself in regards to questions and buyer reviews, I typically don’t list anything that isn’t or doesn’t look brand new. For some sellers this might not work, but I don’t typically buy damaged used items from others so why would people from me? With this strategy, I have had very little to no drama selling on Poshmark.

8. Packaging is Important 

I don’t spend hours and hours perfecting this but I do have a system. First things first, you can get free boxes from the post office and I recommend doing this straight away. I go in and grab a handful and bring them back to my house so that I have them on hand. I use the medium flate rate box. I do not use envelopes; too easy to damage items. You’ll need a way to print your pre-paid shipping labels so either get one for your house or have one handy that you can use. As for actually packaging up my items, I always make sure that the item is clean, doesn’t have any type of odor from storing or anything else. If it does, I wash it before shipping. Fold items neatly and wrap in tissue paper. Pro tip for this: I save all tissue paper that I get from gifts so that I can reuse it in my Poshmark packages. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It’s just a nice little added touch and it helps to protect your items. If you want, you can even add a little thank you note. Anything you can do to help the buyer have a positive experience will get you repeat sales and great reviews.

Box with Shoes and Card

9. Ship Quickly

I struggled with this a bit when I first started out, and it definitely took me a bit to correct. Poshmark is pretty generous in how long they will allow before they really start nagging you about shipping, but IT DOES matter to your buyer. Just like you would, they want to get their items quickly. So, 1-3 days. I try to do 1-2. Without fail, I always sell things when I am on vacation so just make sure you let your buyer know if it’s going to take you longer than that.

10. List A Lot

This one is pretty straight-forward. The more you list, the more you sell. Be as active as possible with your closet and you will make more sales!

11. Pictures

OMG, I cannot believe I haven’t talked about PICTURES! Maybe the most important thing of all. Poshmark is a fairly visual platform just like Instagram so make sure your listings have great photos. The most important things to note here are picture quality and lighting. I don’t spend hours editing my photos for Poshmark as some do, but I do try to creatively display things, use natural lighting, and most importantly show the item exactly how it appears. DO NOT add filters that alter the true colors in things. DO NOT post a blurry photo. DO NOT take your photos in a dark room. Using natural light helps to keep things consistently lit, so you can begin to curate your feed. At most, I will up the exposure on something if I think it is too dark. These pictures aren’t perfect, but they get the job done!

12. Use Buyer Feedback as an Opportunity to Improve your Closet

Poshmark is really super user friendly and people have success at all different levels! If you get a bad review, use it as an opportunity to make positive changes to your little shop and don’t sweat it too much. The more sales you make, the more this will even out. Also, sometimes people are just grumpy and leave bad reviews. hehe

Soooooo, if you made it all the way to the end with me, thanks so much for reading! And if you didn’t but you’re here anyways, thanks to you as well 🙂 I hope these little tricks will help you launch or make improvements to an existing Poshmark account. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

-Sensibly, G.


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