How to Tie a Head Scarf

Head scarfs have been one of my go to styles this summer. I really don’t like to have my hair in my face for any reason. To solve this, I’m always looking for ways to learn how to tie it back but still look cute. I also have a love for vintage things and inserting a touch of retro style into my fashion choices. Since regular headbands tend to give me headaches, head scarfs have been the perfect thing for me. I realized though after looking myself that there aren’t a ton of resources out there for learning HOW to tie a head scarf. I’ve experimented quite a bit. Some trial and error here and there with styles and sizes of scarfs, and have found what works best for me.

My favorite way to wear the scarfs is with a little bow, which is what I’m going to share today. I find most of my head scarfs at thrift shops or garage sales. They are normally such great quality silk. I also love the thought of the life the previous owner may have had, thinking about the ways they might have styled it. I paid $2 for the scarf in these pictures and I have honestly found them even cheaper than that before! If you’re not quite sure how to get started thrifting, you can check out my tips on thrifting here.

I’ve rounded up a couple fun options if you’re not in the mood to thrift! There are several great options here that’ll ship right to your front door 🙂

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The Steps

To start, you’ll need a large silk scarf (if you have a smaller head, maybe medium hehe). You’ll want the fabric to be quite soft with a little bit of weight to it for ease of folding in later steps!

girl holding vintage silk scarf

Take your scarf and fold it into a long triangle. I normally just pick a corner and fold to the opposite corner.

girl holding folded vintage silk scarf

Next, take the center point of your triangle and fold it backwards into the fabric as pictured below.

scarf folded over on girls lap

Begin folding (rolling) your fabric inwards towards the point you have created. I typically continue until I’ve almost made a perfect little roll of fabric. Now, if you want a wider base to go around your head, stop folding a little sooner than I do here. This will get you more fabric around the base of your head and a thicker band.

Take your “headband” that you have created and place it under your hair and around your neck. At this point, I also like to make sure that the fabric is even on both sides. If I need to re-roll my fabric or adjust anything, I do it at this step.

girl with scarf wrapped around her neck
girl pulling scarf up around her neck and through her hair

I take my fabric up and to the front of my forehead. That way, I can push it back later on but don’t have to worry about it sliding off as much. Make a tie.

scarf tied on top of girls head

Tie it in a bow just as you would do a shoe lace and you can begin to adjust. Now, the first couple of times I tied my bow, it did not turn out how I wanted it which is what the picture below shows. If this happens, don’t fret. Part of the reason we want a softer scarf is so that it will be easy to mold how we want it. In this case, I just undid my bow and tried again but sometimes it’s only necessary to adjust your bow a bit.

scarf tied in a loose bow on top of girls head

Ahhhhh, much better! THIS is how I wanted my bow to look. All I did was tie it in a bow and then sort of fluff out each side. I also messed with the knot in the center a little and adjusted that to look how I wanted it. Take the fabric and separate it a bit, sort of how you would do a knot in a pony tail. I normally adjust my bow off to the center a bit (although it looks quite centered in these photos), and push it back off of my forehead to where I want it to sit. A final pro trip of sorts is to secure the scarf with bobby pins on each side near where the scarf meets your ears. The feeling of my scarf sliding off of my head or moving around while I’m wearing it really annoys me so I pretty much always do this. I place the pins close to my ears so that my hair covers them on both sides!

Really it’s sooooo simple once you get the hang of it! Please leave me any questions you have in the comments. I like to do this look with my hair down, but sometimes I put it in a bun and do the exact same tie. It adds so much to any outfit! I will also be making a video to accompany this post since it can be kind of hard to tell what I’m really doing through pictures. Watch for that on my Instagram! If you are not following already, come on over and say hi!

I hope you guys love this look as much as I do!

-Sensibly, G.

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    I’ve been obsessed with headscarves recently!

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      Aren’t they just the best????

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        Amazing! I just started my blog if you want to check it out, I might make a post about that soon!

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