Simple Way to Wear Your Summer Dress In Fall

Hello! Hope everyone had an AMAZING weekend. Andy and I spent our time playing tourist and getting to know our new city (photos to follow). I am still adjusting to the fact that we are actually having a true autumn here in the Netherlands. Being born and raised in central Texas, I have never really experienced seasons in real life haha. From what I’ve heard, the mild autumn weather we’ve had is not characteristic for this time of year. Wither way, I’ll take it!

Since moving, I’ve realized I pretty much have ZERO winter wardrobe but am making do with what I have. We all know I’d love to jet out and do a giant European winter wardrobe shopping spree. Unfortunately, something tells me Andy (bless his heart) wouldn’t be as in love with the idea as yours truly. 😀 In honor of saving my husband’s wallet (and mine), I’m sharing one of my favorite simple ways to take one of your favorite summer dresses into the fall and winter.

Transitioning summer clothing into the fall and winter is a great way to get more wear out of your pieces. Also, it’s quite economical for your wardrobe too. Sometimes, if I really love a piece, I’m just not quite ready to retire it into the back of the wardrobe for the winter. Of course, you want to make sure that the colors and fabric are semi-appropriate to the season but honestly, as long as you’re warm enough, I say be adventurous and wear what you want! Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself.

My Outfit: How To

I got this little wrap dress from Target at the verryyyy end of the summer. I love the colors and knew it would be an easy transitional piece. It’s a pretty light fabric so it alone wont keep me warm during this time of year. If you have a similar piece that you’re wanting to transition (sleeveless pieces work best), simply adding a long-sleeve bodysuit (or shirt) underneath can do the trick. I love this turtleneck option from ASOS. The fabric is soft and light which also makes it a wonderful layering piece for later in the season. What I love about bodysuits vs. just a long-sleeve shirt is that bodysuits stay in place, wont bunch up, and won’t add bulk under your clothes. To keep your legs warm, throw on a pair of panty-hose (which are most popular here in the Netherlands) or a pair of opaque tights. I prefer footed tights for warmth. Grab a pair of booties and a funky fall hat and you’ve successfully transitioned your favorite summer dress into fall!

Girl Wearing Fall Outfit in Rotterdam NetherlandsGirl Wearing Fall Fashion in Streets of Netherlands

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Transition piece 1
Transition piece 1
Transition piece 1

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