How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Happy Friday friends! I hope you guys enjoyed your week. I have been bursting with energy this week (it could be all the cappuccinos i’ve been pounding down each day) and feeling so inspired to create! The weather has been absolutely perfect here; mostly sunny and not too cold! In fact, it was in the 60’s one day. I couldn’t believe it! Though it’s been quite warm for the Netherlands so far, temperatures will definitely be dropping down soon. I have always dreamed of living somewhere where the weather gets cold enough for me to really indulge in all of the fall and winter fashions!

My favorite part of this time of year is how much versatility comes with layering for the weather. I love all of the little accessories that have the sole purpose of keeping you warm but end up fitting together into a perfect ensemble. I’ve always been a scarf gal, but this year I will truly NEED them to stay warm! If you’re a blanket scarf hoarder like me, you’re in luck because blanket scarves are wildly popular here in the Netherlands! I love this type of oversized scarf SOOOO much but when you have a piece of clothing with so much fabric, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating knowing the best ways to wear it. Today I’m sharing a very simple way I love to style my blanket scarf as well as a video tutorial from Cosmopolitan magazine that shows 12 other ways I love to use too!


girl wearing plaid blanket scarf blue cardigan and denim skirtgirl looking down standing in street wearing a blue cardigan and winter scarfgirl wearing oversized scarf with tasselsgirl standing up against brick wall wearing fall outfit


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How to Get this Look

Blanket scarves typically have so much weight in them that they fold and drape so beautifully! For this simple look, I layered a basic grey top under an oversized cardigan and chose a blanket scarf with a bit of grey and blue to match the colors in my basics. To adjust the scarf, wrap both ends around your neck and then drape one long end over whichever shoulder you choose! I like to adjust and fluff the fabric around my neck until I’ve landed on an aesthetic I’m happy with. That’s it! You’re done! SO SIMPLE RIGHT? I find this particular style looks best when your scarf has a few pieces hanging off the ends like mine. Scarves are not something to be overthought and typically look best when they’re a bit messy (just like your hair 😉 )

For more blanket scarf inspo and to learn a few more ways to style your blanket scarf (because there are soooo many), check out this video from Cosmopolitan magazine. This video does SUCH a great job of showing some other awesome ways of wearing blanket scarves.


Do you love blanket scarves? Does it get cold enough for true winter clothing where you live?


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