Cozy Winter Essentials

Cozy season has arrived and the Thanksgiving holiday in two days has me feeling the vibes even more! IDK why but cold weather really makes me want to batten down the hatches and hibernate for winter! Whether you’re giving them as gifts or buying for yourself, here’s a little guide of my current coziest favorites.

Cozy Winter Essentials Line-Up

Cozy Fuzzy Sweatshirt:

I have one almost exactly like this for the winter and I’ll be pulling it out and wearing it on Thanksgiving day! These are great to throw on for quick errands or a Netflix snow day at home. This one comes in several different color combos.

Cozy Joggers:

I am a huge fan of joggers as a (6 foot) tall gal because they tend to look a lot less awkward if they’re too short! I think in this way, they make a good fit for all different body types. Plus, they’re super comfy and soft. This pair also comes in an ivory color.

Cozy UGG Slippers:

I’ve been wanting this exact pair of UGG slippers for the past two winters and they’re still on my wishlist for this Christmas! I love the rubber bottom on these in case you need to step outside, and the soft lining is sooooo warm and cozy. These are a higher price-point but great quality and sure to last.

Cozy Coffee Mug:

Is anybody else a sucker for seasonal mugs? I particularly like this camp-wear style and the text is so cute! This would be so perfect for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate all winter long!  Would also make an awesome gift for a coworker or friend.

Cozy Candle:

No cozy guide would be complete without a cozy candle! I’ve been buying my candles from Bath & Body Works for years, and I really enjoy the seasonal scents they come up with. The three wick candles last so much longer than other candles I’ve used.

Cozy Chenille Beanie:

I have this EXACT beanie in a different color, and I might be adding this red one to my collection too! I absolutely love chenille and am so pleased to see it in beanie form 🙂 This one is such a great price point too compared to others I’ve seen.

Cozy Socks:

OMG these might be the cutest over-the-knee socks I’ve seen! I loveeee wearing these as an extra layer for warmth or just when lounging around the house on lazy days.

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