Holiday Gift Guide For Your Bestie

December is my favorite month of the year and I have been having so much fun putting together these gift guides for you all! Gifting is something I personally put a lot of thought into and I do my best to give meaningful, practical gifts. No holiday roundup would be complete without a very special gift guide for your best friend! Here are some great options for those special gals in your life. A couple of the things on this list are on my own personal wishlist and a couple are things I already own!

TheĀ Gifts

Llama Planter:

I have a llama planter almost identical to this that I got at West Elm a couple years ago. This one is a fraction of the price, though, and comes with artificial succulents in place so your gal pal can enjoy them for years and years to come!


Call me old fashioned but I love hanging calendars on my wall! But not just any old calendar will do; the prettier the better with these! I love receiving them as gifts because you don’t always come across ones with unique images. So when you do, snatch one for your friends and maybe even for YOURSELF! I love the simple feminine designs on this one.

Swell Water Bottle:

These are a bit expensive as far as water bottles go but your bestie will surely have the most sophisticated and stylish bottle at the gym! This is the type of thing you might feel guilty buying yourself but makes an absolutely perfect gift! This one comes in a bunch of different colors and prints.

Herbivore Body Scrub:

You can never go wrong with something your friend can use to pamper herself! After all, life can get so hectic, especially during this time of year. Grab this and one of the candles listed below and you have a great start to a fun little at home spa kit for your best gal. This product is made in small batches and contains no artificial ingredients. SCORE!

Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle:

I ADORE these candles! The scents are amazing (amber is my absolute favorite) and the packaging is so gorgeous! Your friend can burn the candle and then recycle the container for something else. Perhaps a vase for fresh cut wild flowers in the summer or a place to stow her q-tips away in the bathroom?

Jewelry Dish:

This is a simple gift with a big impact! Your friend will have a beautiful dish to use in her house as well as a positive reminder (from you) to reflect on each day. What else are friends for if not to lift each other up?!

Kate Spade Studs:

These EXACT earrings are sold out at Nordstrom and are going fast other places online. They are perfect for this time of year and a great price-point as a gift! Who doesn’t love receiving designer gifts? Snag them and the jewelry dish above and you’ve got a gift that surely wont disappoint.

Fujifilm Instax Mini:

One of my best gals has one of these and I fell in love (now I want one for myself)! It’s just so dang cute and I love the vintage vibe the pictures have. Plus, it’s something you and your friend will have fun using together. Comes in a couple different colors!

Initial Necklace:

Anthropologie sells these exact necklaces but this version is WAY cheaper. If you decide to grab one for yourself too, these can be your updated and sophisticated BFF necklaces šŸ™‚

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